Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptop has become nothing but a trend now. This is because technology is like a part of our soul now. I know that it does sound very poetic but this is the truth. The technology works like oxygen for us. It causes a lot of chaos in our life sometimes but in this modern society, it has become almost compulsory for us to carry at least one gadget or gear to complete our everyday task. Technology is like a gold mine for teenagers.


One of the most notable gears that fall under this technology is the gaming laptop. A gaming laptop is nothing but a laptop and it is a combo. Which means all the programming that you get inside a desktop is all available inside the gaming laptop.

Now we want something good plus it should be within our budget, for example, under 500 dollars. So it is time for us to see the best gaming laptop under 500.

Best Gaming Laptop under 500:

1. Acer E 15:

I want to put this gaming laptop in the first position only because it functions like a number one gaming laptop plus it is definitely within your budget. To talk about the feature, the LED lit display is so beautiful and not to forget it has the 8th generation Intel Core Processor. The attractive design and its lightweight has got me that determination to purchase it at first sight. The battery not to forget runs for more than 14 hours. You can find all the necessary programs inside this new gadget. Plus it is under 500 dollars.

2.Lenovo Idea pad A12:

A multitasking gaming laptop. The multitasking becomes much easier with the 8GB memory inside the system and it is an advanced system which is like no other. The battery runs for at least five hours which, to be honest, is enough for the user to use because the one does not use their laptops for more than twice and thrice. The Ample file has a storage space for at least 1 GB.

3.Dell Inspiron I5555-0012BLK:

Yet another of the best affordable gaming laptops. This one is equipped with Intel Core i5 Processor so you can understand its advanced technology. The graphics on this laptop is the best and it really looks lifelike.


One thing that I can assure you happily is that you will not be disappointed at all with those gaming laptops. They are worth to be purchased.

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